A soluble coffee-flavored drink for weight loss
Keto Bullet
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The fast way to becoming healthy and slim
  • 100% natural keto-ingredients with minimal carbohydrates
  • It treats metabolic syndrome and its symptoms
  • It naturally helps lower weight
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Abdominal obesity is the main condition for metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is associated with lipodystrophy, in which the body is unable to maintain healthy fat tissues, making weight loss rather difficult. However, excess weight isn't the only condition that disrupts metabolism. Other symptoms should be observed in order to prevent serious complications, lose weight and take control of your body.

Can't lose belly fat?
that you have metabolic syndrome

It's a metabolic disorder that causes weight gain and serious health problems. Hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, damaged blood vessels and more are among some of the most common complications.

Are you in the risk group?
Find out for yourself!
You are more likely to have metabolic syndrome if you encounter:
Eating problems
Uncontrollable hunger, sweet cravings
Aging health issues
Age of over 45, menopause or erection problems, insomnia
Excessive weight
Excessive weight and inactive lifestyle
Prediabetes/diabetes, high blood pressure, heredity

To prevent the risk of developing metabolic syndrome complications, you must work on your health. The caffeine drink, Keto Bullet, lowers the risk of developing metabolic syndrome 15 times and naturally provides complete relief from all causes of the disease.

An honest KETO-product for your health

Keto Bullet is a ready adaptation of the world famous bulletproof coffee. Dietitian David Esprey created this drink after visiting Tibet where he tried tea with butter made from buffalo milk that gives strength and fills you with energy. Later, David changed the formula and adapted it to his taste. As a result, bulletproof coffee was made, coffee with coconut and palm oil.

The difficulty in making bulletproof coffee has to do with its recipe that is really hard to recreate. This is precisely why we've created Keto Bullet, the only KETO drink that completely meets KETO standards, 0.5g of carbs per serving.

In contrast to bulletproof coffee, Keto Bullet is easy and quick to make. Just pour the contents of one packet into hot water and stir thoroughly. Enjoy the delightful coffee-coconut flavor.

MCT oil is the easy way to ketosis

Keto Bullet fights the cause of metabolic syndrome, metabolic disorders. The drink contains MCT oil. MCT oil is a coconut and palm oil processed product high in fatty acids. It increases blood ketone level, gives the body a lot of energy and supports ketosis, which is the body's fat-burning process.

Keto Bullet has other ingredients that enhance its taste and effect as well as promote weight loss and general well-being.

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When taken regularly
When taken regularly
suppresses appetite and sweet and junk food cravings go away.
speeds up metabolism by 10-12 times, increases endurance and activeness.
helps lose weight on account of breaking down fat.
The risk of developing cardiovascular diseases is reduced 18 times.
General well-being
improves concentration , provokes thought.
Keto Bullet
The ideal formula for a slim body
Soluble coffee
that has a delightful coffee flavor and gives energy for the whole day.
Chromium picolinate
Promotes weight loss while preserving muscle mass, speeds up metabolism, fits a low-carb diet and makes sweet cravings go away.
reduces hunger, suppresses appetite, helps cleanse the body and keep blood sugar level normal.
Coconut mint extract
Reduces hunger, makes you feel full for a long time, prevents stress and improves mood.
Keto Bullet.
and nothing more.

Ketodieting has been and will remain one of the most popular and effective weight loss methods. Keto Bullet is a totally new product on the dietary nutrition market made in accordance with all requirements and standards. Leading nutrition specialists from different countries took part in its development. The well-balanced and well-calculated formula with natural ingredients contains minimal carbohydrates and meets keto nutrition standards.

Keto Bullet is an aromatic coffee-flavored drink with a rich flavor. Its organic ingredients have no side effects and are completely safe for consumption. When taking Keto Bullet regularly, it speeds up metabolism, brings metabolic processes to normal, activates the fat-burning process and impedes future weight gain. I recommend this drink to everyone who cares about their health and wants to have a slim figure for many years to come.

Barbara Sanders
nutrition specialist, owner of personal weight loss method, developer of Keto Bullet
How to take Keto Bullet?
  • Dissolve the contents of one packet into 250ml of hot water. Stir thoroughly until completely dissolved. Take once a day in the morning or evening before eating. Recommended use interval is no more than 28 days.
They forgot all about having metabolic sydrome and weight problems.
Emma Jones I started gaining weight like mad a year ago..then just 6 months later came the point where I was 30 kg overweight. Don't ask how it happened, I don't even know myself, it was like I slept through the whole process. I woke up when I saw a big round ball in the mirror. I tried going on a diet, exercising, but my weight only increased. Then when I had basically given up on my body, I was offered to take part in testing Keto Bullet. I agreed to do it and don't regret it at all. A week of using it and I lost 5 kg! Without needing any kind of diet or anything! A month went by and another 23 kg lost, the month after that, another 9 kg. I've never felt so wonderful nor looked so good before. Another thing is that I didn't even change my diet or even the amount I ate. I just stopped wanting to eat sweets even though that's all I could think about before. I'm so glad that I got rid of food addiction. There are so many great and interesting things to experience in the world.
Mia Campbell I gained a bit of weight after giving birth and I couldn't lose the kilograms. No matter what I tried, I couldn't even lose a little bit of it. I read about bulletproof coffee, read the reviews and decided to try it. But my experience ended in failure because I didn't like it. That's when I found out about the fully premade drink called Keto Bullet. And I ordered it! It's a miracle drink. 10kg in 3 weeks lost. Absolutely wonderful. I really like the result of having a slim and well-defined body. Most importantly, it helped me sleep better at night, no more crazy hunger of like wanting to eat an elephant and my blood pressure went down! Being overweight isn't a pleasant thing and it aint healthy either.
Jerry Young I've been struggling with being overweight for a few years now, and I was diagnosed with prediabetes and advised to go on a diet. But I could only handle a week of it and caved in. My wife found Keto Bullet on the internet and ordered it for both of us. What can I say? It's effectiveness is amazing. In a month, I lost 15 kg, and my wife lost 9kg despite not being much overweight. We've been maintaining the same weight for half a year but still drink Keto Bullet in the mornings occasionally just because it's so tasty. If we go out on a trip, we take it with us since its convenient to carry with and brew up on the spot. Besides that, it's also healthy for the body.
Charlotte Harris I fought weight problems for a long time. The dietitian put me on a diet and I had to cut out so much but the kilograms went no where. Plus, on top of that, I started having health problems, during the day I was drowsy and at night I couldn't sleep. I eating habits were turned upside down. I ate anything I laid eyes on and couldn't stop. That's when a friend recommended trying out Keto Bullet since she had experienced similar problems but she managed to take care of them and was exactly as slim as I dreamed of being all my life. Ladies, this is the stuff. It's delicious coffee that will kill your appetite for half the day. Hunger doesn't bother me, I don't think about sweets either and I have an ocean of energy. I've already lost 19 kg and plan to lose more. The best thing about it is that all my unpleasant symptoms went away and I feel wonderful and look even better than I feel.
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Soluble coffee-flavored drink for weight loss
Keto Bullet
discount -50%
The shortest path to a healthy and slim body
  • 100% natural keto-ingredients with minimal carbohydrates
  • It treats metabolic syndrome and its symptoms
  • It naturally helps lose weight
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98 $
49 $
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